You play as a shadow. Jump on the walls and hang in the air.

Space - jump

Don`t touch the other shadows


I take a music from this video

This game is for WGJ (week 133)

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Black and White, High Score, minigames, Minimalist, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes

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Interesting concept you got there. One bit of feedback - I spent the better part of a minute hugged to the left wall with no reason to jump because there was no object to avoid. 

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Thx for your feedback! Now i am not at home, but i will try to add a indicator of collision with wall


I played it and here is a quick review of the game

I think it's a pretty intersting idea! Haven't seen many similar games
I think it was very smart to add the stop mechanic where if you press space while not 
   touching a wall it just stands still. This way you prevent unfair situations!
The particles are very nice and clean!
The game is very easy to get into, it's just one button (space) and everybody can play it!

There weren't a lot of audio effects, just a jump sound would've made it much better
The menu just didn't look very good.

This review was meant as Constructive Feedback, it's okay if you're game isn't perfect especially for a game-jam game.

Anyways I've enjoyed the game so thanks for making it!


Thx for your feedback! Now i working for new game, but maybe in future i change this game


Hey! It would be appreciated if you could check out my game aswell, but please don't feel like you have too.


I saw this game in your twitter, and its really cool in mechanic! Now i am not at home, but i want to play this


Here's my gameplay critique of the game!

I didn't end up giving too much advice, as this game is really solid! For 13 you're on a great path, keep it up!

My challenge to you is just to keep making games! If you can continue making a-game-a-week with the WGJ, that would be awesome! Keep that up! Though you should include the WGJ's theme each week in your game page as well.

I think your next step should be making a completely different type of game!

Try a slow-paced, thoughtful puzzle game. Try a sokoban game, for example; they're exceedingly easy to make. Or make a racing game, or a 3D game (though careful with that one as 3D games take a lot more time generally), a card game, or a match-3 game! Try mixing up your art style, using a lot of color, pixel art, low-poly 3D, etc.! Really try to stretch your limits and push yourself with new kinds of games each week!


Thx for your feedback! I want to create a puzzle game. I will try to create thoughful game on next WGJ.


And you reading my name right

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my high score