Snowman left his ice cubes and he is need your help!

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Here's my gameplay critique for this game!

As you've outputted such great work already, I'm absolutely shifting towards being more critical with you haha! Every time you raise the bar, you raise my expectations.

This game did not work for me as much, unfortunately, with the controls and physics being very difficult to control, annoying, and not super fun.

The graphics are fantastic, however, and really awesome to see after your 2D games! It's a really good jump to 3D!

The music is nice, but it's not Creative Commons music so my video was immediately hit by a copyright strike haha... Always credit/source your music, and only use music/assets that explicitly have Creative Commons attribution for YouTube content creators to not get flagged. As you grow and pick up in popularity, YouTubers won't want to make videos of your games if by playing them their videos get demonetized.

I pretty exclusively use GameChops music right now, and under every GameChops video, when you hit "Show More" and scroll-down to the details, you'll see it say:

"License     Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)"

It's really important any music you use that's not yours has a Creative Commons license.

Keep up the game development! This was really cool to see, a great first step in 3D, keep it up! 


Thx for your feedback!

This game is planned like a desktop game (because its in 3d, and its not lightweight (i think)). 

I read some info of creative common license, and i understand my mistake. And thanks for that youtube channel!

In a past, i just listen to music, and dont know about any licenses like cc license (because i didn`t need to know it).


Sure thing!

You've been doing a great job so far, keep up the gamedev and experimentation!


I forgot to mention that you can search YouTube specifically for Creative Commons music by pressing "Filter" when you're searching! :D

I don`t know why, but the last level is bugged. U cant finish it