You playing as a triangle-rocket. And thats all. Really.

This game is for WGJ 135

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BG music i take from this video 

Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Black and White, High Score
Average sessionA few minutes


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Very cool!


I think I've broken the game by only moving to the right at the start of the game. After a while you're just free to move, with barely any of the black circles.
Currently at a score 121, and I can't even die if I try to

Thx for your feedback! Testing...

i don` know why this is happens. My script working correctly, but something still goes wrong... Really dont know why


I would expect it has to do something with the way you're spawning the enemies


Very impressive! I liked the post processing effect :D
My record is 10 😢😢


Thx for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it ❤


Cool game visual with simple shapes. Cool camera effect! Can you share the mechanism of the camera?

Thx for your feedback!

Wait a bit and I'll paste the script here

(1 edit) (+1)
//You need a post processing stack for this script
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Rendering.PostProcessing;
public class PostProcessController : MonoBehaviour
    //From other script change a neededLensDist;
    [SerializeField] PostProcessVolume volume; //Variable of postprocessing volume
    private LensDistortion lens = null; //Variable of lens distortion (module in post processing profile)
    public float neededLensDist = 0; //Needed value for lens distortion
    private void Awake()
        volume.profile.TryGetSettings(out lens); //Get a lensDistortion variable for changing it
    void Update()
        //Smooth changing lens distortion
        lens.intensity.value = Mathf.Lerp(lens.intensity.value, neededLensDist, 0.025f);

i just take a variable of lensDistortion and smoothly changing it (read about Mathf.Lerp())


Wow, thank you very much for your selfless sharing, cool!

Making games is my hobby, not my job. If someone comes in handy my help, I will be very happy. (Especially for people from other countries, I just don’t know much English, and if they understand me correctly, it will be even better)


Haha ~ My English is not very good too,  I can fully understand your expression. Making games is also a hobby of mine,  I am Chinese. 


Here's my gameplay critique for Black-White Space!

I liked this game, though the camera effects are a bit overboard.

Nice game feel, really fun to innately control and move around. Needs a high score, maybe some milestone scores to hit/track.

Nice job!


Too much chromatic aberration -- gives a headache. Nice simple minigame though.


Speed is speed