Evade traps by changing gravity in an endless house


AD/QD/Arrows - move right/left 

W/Z/Space/UpArrow - jump 

OP - change gravitation

Music from game

i challenge you can't beat my high score :)

And remember gravity also has the shape...

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withPiskel, Unity, Bfxr
TagsBlack and White, Endless, Gravity, Horrible, Horror, jumping, Traps, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


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The shaders make it look great and the balls bouncing are a non functional funny feature that I love it. But it was a little hard to play. It would be greater an option to choose difficulty to have a bigger camera field cause I was falling withouth knowing what're going to be down here and dying for don't react fast enought.


Really cool. I got to 11, was pretty hard! Liked the shader effects you had on it.

Felt like the all white aesthetic plus the blur made it a bit hard to figure out what would kill me. Would make sense to change all the damaging elements to a different color or find some other way to make them pop out.

The camera being locked on the character made it hard to tell exactly what would be in the next room. In a lot of games if you press S/down it pans the camera down so you can see what's in the next room -- that might work for this game


Wow, that's hard but interesting